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Kitchen Hack: Quickly Air Drying Greens, No Salad Spinner Needed | Tuesday’s Tip of the Day!

Nobody likes wet lettuce but sometimes, when dinner calls and the salad spinner is nowhere to be found, it can be hard to avoid. That was, before reading this kitchen hack of course!

Most packaged greens, like spinach and arugula, come pre-washed which is a great time saver putting dinner on the table that much faster. However, your romaine, kale and other leafy greens need a quick rinse before enjoying, to remove any potential grit, sand and soil. Plus, who knows how many people have handled that head of romaine before yours.

Follow these steps and you’ll have perfectly clean (and dry) greens each and every time, even without that fancy spinner.

1.   Wash: Thoroughly, leaf by leaf, under cold running water.

2.   Prepare: Cut or tear into desired size, shaking away any excess water.

3.   Dry: In a clean, lint-free, kitchen towel, gather your greens in the center. Pull together the kitchen sides and loosely secure, trapping your greens inside.

4.   Shake: Holding the four corners of your towel, gently shake until moisture has been removed.

5.   Enjoy! Toss with your dressing of choice, adorn with your favorite accompaniments, and enjoy!

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