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Pronto Chilling from Bubbles to Hot Soups and Stews | Tuesday's Tip of the Day!

Whether needing a quick chill for tonight’s toast, celebration or “just because” or wanting to safely cool hot stock or soup to room temperature before refrigeration, the following may be of prime interest!

Yes, you can “pop” (literally if it stays in there too long) your bottle of Veuve in the freezer for a few minutes with hopes of not forgetting or even higher hopes of those few minutes actually chilling it, or you can follow along the steps below:

  1. Chilling Bottles: From rose, whites, champagne, prosecco and bottles of soda or sparkling water, fill a large bowl (or sink) with plenty of ice and cold water. Finish with a handful of salt which keeps the ice from melting as it further cools the temperature of water. Submerge the bottle and in less than 10 minutes, you have an ice cold beverage ready for toasting!
  2. Chilling hot soups – stews – stock, etc.:
    • First, for a little food safety: Food must cool from 140ºF to 70ºF degrees in two hours, and must be cooled from 70ºF to 40ºF degrees in no more than four (Food Safety News). If this doesn’t happen, food is unsafe and should be thrown out!  Safety first folks!
    • Now that we have that taken care of, let’s start chilling:
      • Place a heat tempered container (metal pot or pan) in a sink full of ice cold water with a handful of salt.
      • Carefully add container so that water comes 1/2 way to the top.
      • While occasionally stirring, to further cool the core, allow contents to quickly cool to 40ºF before portioning into desired size containers and storing safely in the refrigerator.  If the container is too large or contents are taking too long to cool, consider dividing contents into smaller metal containers.
      • Make sure you label and date your contents before storing them in the refrigerator!

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