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Salting Water AFTER a Boil | Tuesday's Tip of the Day!

Your kids are hungry and dinner needs to get on the table in negative minutes! Been there? Haven’t we all! If you are turning to a quick weeknight pasta or mac and cheese, boiling water can feel like an absolute eternity, and yes it can take that! Follow these quick pointers for bringing your water to a roaring boil in half the time:

1.   Wait to Salt: They say to salt your water like the sea, but wait to do this until AFTER your water comes to a boil! Salt lowers the temperature of water taking it longer to boil. Who would have known!

2.   Lid it! Yes, this may sound obvious but pop a lid, sauté pan or baking sheet (whatever “safe” object you have) on top to trap in the heat allowing the water to come to boil in pronto speed putting dinner on the table in half the time!

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