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Stocking the Bar Cart: Celebrating New Years with all the “Fixings"| Tuesday’s Tip of the Day!

Photo by  Papereskimo  

Photo by Papereskimo 

When it comes to a festive New Year’s, its important to stock the bar cart with an element of sophistication while not breaking the bank – or countless hours of sleep. Today I offer my top tips for a fully stocked, festive and show stopping bar cart primed for your guests every wish.


  • To keep things simple, offer a signature cocktail that is pre-mixed and only in need of a shake, stir or few ice cubes to finish. By streamlining the bar cart – remember, less is more – you minimize clutter and spillage all while keeping your costs down. If you would like to take your bar cart to the next level, keep a supply of the basics like prosecco, whiskey, brandy, vodka, and even sparkling cider from which your guests can choose from. While on the subject of sips, consider offering a hot cider or mulled wine for those looking to take off the cold chill from their commute.


  • Don’t forget tonic water, club soda and freshly squeezed orange juice or grapefruit juice as well! Bitters, cherries, orange peels, simple syrup…consider your options and have fun with it. Heck, pomegranate seeds for your prosecco is another simple and festive way to take ordinary to extraordinary levels.


  • Depending on available drinks, have a collection for glasses available for guests to craft their drinks in. Prosecco? Champagne flutes. Old fashioned? Rocks glass. 


  • Use the right cube for drink. Crushed ice simply won’t do with your scant of brandy – plus it melts faster – in your rocks glass. P.S. don’t forget that ice scoop and bucket!


  • Always have cocktail napkins on hand. One way to help adorn the bar cart, is by using festive holiday themed napkins which are both useful and practical.

Festive Accompaniments:

  • From festive colored straws, umbrellas, fancy bamboo pics skewered with olives or cherries, or really whatever may suit your fancy, have a collection of stirrers and straws to adorn even the simplest of sips.


  • Cocktail shakers, stir sticks, strainers, muddlers, lemon or lime juicers, peelers…don’t forget the details because each and everyone make the difference in your overall success! 


  • A small vase of flowers, Glassybaby’s, bowls of gold and silver M&M’ – don’t forget the spoon – and even outlining the bar cart with fresh garland, you immediately take your cart to a whole new level with minimal effort.  

Now that you have a fully stocked bar cart, prepare yourself for an incredible evening as you cheer to 2016 and toast to 2017!

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