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Weekly Menu Planning

Quite often, the reason we don’t cook more during the week is not because we don’t want to, but rather because we don’t have the energy or desire to prep after a long day at work and running between carpool, soccer and tennis practice.  By planning your weekly meals over the weekend, you can work through your week with food at the ready and delicious home-cooked meals at your fingertips.

To begin…

  • Have a plan: Take into consideration any plans you have during the week. A late homeowners meeting, soccer game, work event, etc. Those nights may require a light meal, like a salad or soup. Something that can quickly be assembled or heated. No prep or cooking needed.
  • Make a list and write it down: After you determine what your week looks like, write down your menu for each night of the week.  Maybe your roast chicken is on Monday and leftover chicken then turns into a salad on Tuesday, tacos on Wednesday, soup on Wednesday, stir fry on Thursday, and a quick casserole on Friday.   After your write down your menu, figure out side components with each. What do you want to serve with the chicken on Monday? Rice? Make extra and save it for stir fry night or even to adorn your tacos. Salad greens? Buy extra for 2 days and play around with your dressings and toppings (i.e. cheese, fruit, nuts, dates, croutons, etc.).
  • Prep for the week on Sunday, what you can at least: Peel your carrots, mince, dice or chop your onions, shallots, garlic, etc.  Go into the week with your prep ready to go so all that is needed during the week is a quick assemble and speedy cooking.
  • Make it fun: I like to shop everyday and buy what looks fresh and best at that moment. Sometimes time doesn’t allow that pleasure so looking at the days in which I need to shop for and trying to decide how I can get the most out of the least, is like putting a puzzle together. Make it fun, delicious and healthy allowing more time to gather around the table together!

However you find weeknight cooking easiest for you and your family, I hope that you find time to gather around the table together!

 Cheers to starting a new tradition around the table together!




Tiffany Lewis

Founder and true believer in the power of bringing people around The Table Together!