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Segmenting Oranges | Tuesday's Tip of the Day!

As we embrace cooler weather and the bounty of citrus at our local farmer’s markets, finding ways to incorporate them throughout our weekly menu rotation can be daunting and repetitive. Quickly segmenting oranges and grapefruit of any variety is an excellent – and impressive – way to take any dish to the next level.

Follow these easy steps to segment citrus like a pro:

  1. Trim the bottom and top of each so that it can freely stand upright.
  2. Using a sharp knife, carefully trim away the peel going just deep enough to remove the pith while not wasting any of the fruit.
  3. Lay the orange or grapefruit on its side and using a small pairing knife, trace each segment by placing your knife just inside the membrane on both sides of the segment. Gently remove the segment with the tip of the knife. Repeat all the way around either holding the orange in your hand or on a cutting board (the safest option!).
  4. Once you have removed all segments, squeeze the leftover membrane (if appropriate) into a small bowl reserving the juice for a quick vinaigrette or even a sweet (pun intended) addition to a sauce or marinade.

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