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Storing Christmas Decorations

For those of us that have yet to take down the tree and festive red and green wreaths adorning your front door, I cannot blame you! Christmas, and the holiday season in general, is so festive and brings such joy! If you haven’t started the clean up process, here are a few tips that will make next years set up quicker than ever!

  • Lights: Wrap them neatly using a strip of Velcro to secure it together. Label a ziplock bag with details on where the lights came from, i.e. “fireplace mantel”, and place the lights inside that bag. This way, you will not have to remember a year later which lights go where and re-measure and align.
  • Decorations: Store decorations in between layers of tissue in plastic crates fitted with lids for each stacking and storing. If there are any decorations that are broken or are missing their hanging attachment, place those to the side and either fix or retire them.
  • Nutcrackers: These are best stored in the same plastic moving crates as the ones used for decorations (see note above). Make sure you label the box!
  • Stockings, Santa hats, tree skirt, angel, etc.: Store them together in a crate fitted with a lid and make sure you label the box with all the contents inside.
  • Christmas mugs, plates, serving pieces, runners, napkins, tablecloths, table decorations, candles, etc.: Store all of your holiday dinnerware in moving crates fitted with lids for easy storing and stacking. Label each box with its contents for easy access next year.
  • Christmas CDs: Store them together in a box fitted with a lid for easy stacking and storing. Make sure you label them as well!  This way, you aren’t sorting through your entire CD collection trying to find Josh Groban’s Noel!

Whatever you can do today to make next year easier, will be welcomed with open arms next year. We always think, “I will remember where that goes,” but a lot happens in a year and quite frankly, remembering which string of lights goes where is the less of our worries.

Until next year, enjoy the final days of the holiday season and get ready to take on a new year and a new you!

Cheers to starting a new tradition around the table together!



Tiffany Lewis

Founder and true believer in the power of bringing people around The Table Together!