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Cleaning Cast Iron Pans | Wednesday’s In the Know

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If you’re a true believer in the beauty of a cast iron pan yet confused with all the mixed reviews on the best way to clean them, you may want to listen up! Follow these steps, and your cast iron will be primed for generations to come!

For Seasoned Cast Iron Pans:

1.   While the pan is still hot, use warm water, light mild dish soap, and a brush or non-abrasive scrubber.  If the pan is being stubborn and the cooking residue won’t come clean, add a little water to the pan and place over medium heat. The heat will help to loosen any stubborn parts making clean up much more manageable.

o   Note on the soap: Some people refuse to use soap, which is fine, but it’s okay to do so as long as it’s mild and won’t leave a residue.

o   Note on the scrubber:  most cast irons can handle a metal / more abrasive scrubber for sticky thick mess’s, but try to limit how often you use it as it will remove the years of seasoning that has naturally taken place.

2.   Hand dry then drizzle with oil, like vegetable, grapeseed or canola oil.

3.   Using a paper towel, rub the oil in the pan to help hydrate. If your cast iron has a residue caked on top and could use a little exfoliation, add a little kosher salt when you add the oil and watch as the salt removes the layer of grit or grime.

4.   Before storing, remove any excess oil and salt, if using, with a paper towel and store in a dry place!

Or, check out this VIDEO by Le Creuset for a step-by-step tutorial! 

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