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Introducing Vanilla Bean Paste. It May Just Change your Life! | Wednesday’s In the Know

I still remember my first introduction to Nielsen Massey vanilla bean paste. Syrupy, sweet, decadent, indulgent, mesmerizing, breathtaking…all the words that came to mind during my first introduction. Think about the combination of pure vanilla extract, vanilla seeds scraped from inside a vanilla bean and the consistency of thick molasses. Introducing, vanilla bean paste!

Vanilla bean paste can be used part for part as it’s sister vanilla extract, but the added sugar, which gives it a syrupy consistency, is truly incredible. And, because of this added sugar, its also excellent in your morning cup o’ joe. I always have a bottle of paste on hand but although I can use it interchangeably with my vanilla extract, I usually save it for recipes where I can take advantage of the seeds woven throughout. From vanilla bean ice cream, crème brulee, whipping cream, or cream anglaise, the speckle of vanilla seeds scattered throughout is absolutely show-stopping!

However you choose to indulge in vanilla bean paste, I know you won’t be disappointed! In store or online, check out Sur La Table for a great collection of Neilsen Massey extracts, including vanilla bean paste.

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