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Wax vs. Parchment Paper. What's The Difference? | Wednesday’s In the Know

Photo: Royal Icing Diaries

Photo: Royal Icing Diaries

Have you ever wondered what the difference between wax and parchment paper is? They appear to look the same, both are white, paper based and heck, why should I have to buy a whole roll of parchment paper when I already have wax? Hmm! Yes, they both are great for offering a nonstick surface, sifting onto or even covering your counter top as you measure dry ingredients, but there are very specific differences that can make a world of difference, especially when it comes to baking.

Before you take the liberty to make what you think is a simple swap, think again and read on

Wax Paper: Wax paper is just that, a paper with a thin coating of wax on each side. Wax paper, similar to parchment paper, offers a nonstick surface but is not heat-resistant. Worse case scenario, wax paper can melt or even catch on fire if placed in the oven. And, do you really want to cook your veggies with a side of wax?

Parchment Paper: Treated specifically to withstand high temperatures in the oven, Parchment paper is a kitchen “work-horse” offering a nonstick surface with easy peasy cleanup while protecting your pans! Parchment paper is usually purchased in a roll (grocery store), but you can also find them pre-cut into rectangles fitted for a standard baking sheet (most major grocery stores), or pre-cut into 8-inch or 9-inch rounds for your cake pans (kitchen store).                      

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