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Toasting Spices

I absolutely love cooking with spices as it quickly takes a blank canvas to exponential levels. That being said, before visiting the spice cabinet, pull out a dry skillet and spice grinder or mortar and pestle. Here is why: Quickly toasting spices like cumin, cloves or coriander before grinding and adding to your recipe of choice, is one sure way to take full advantage of its ultimate potential.

Toasting spices helps release their natural oils offering ultimate flavor and impact. In a dry pan over medium – low heat, add spices and while occasionally stirring the pan to prevent burning, toast until fragrant. Quickly remove the spices, place them in a designated spice grinder (not your coffee grinder, unless you don’t mind cumin scented coffee) or mortar and pestle processing until powder forms. And with that, fresh fragrant spices are ready for use!

Now that you are In The Know, let’s roll up our sleeves and get cook’n!

Cheers to starting a new tradition around The Table Together!



Tiffany Lewis

Founder and true believer in the power of bringing people around The Table Together!