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Wekend Happenings: Clean Organize and Test

And in that order…

This weekend will be busy as I re-organize my kitchen and cookbook library, clean and find time at some point to test more recipes for February. Being a professional blogger, I have great respect for others that do the same in whatever industry they blog about. Everyday is a new day with fresh new recipes, content and a plan for what’s coming tomorrow. There is no downtime, break, interruption and time to do otherwise. 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day we are dedicated to our blog and followers all while staying true to who we are.

I love what I do and really enjoy connecting with readers that share stories of accomplishment, discovery and enjoyment from simply reading my blog and trying my recipes or tips. There is no greater joy than seeing someone step into the kitchen for the first time with confidence. That my friends, is why I do what I do.

For those just joining the conversation, welcome and let’s gather our friends and family around the table together!

Cheers to starting a new tradition around the table together!




Tiffany Lewis

Founder and true believer in the power of bringing people around The Table Together!