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Azzura Photography

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As a food blogger and entertainment specialist, I work hard to inspire confidence in my readers and their abilities to create delicious home-cooked meals and bring them to their table with touches of simple elegance. They count on me for honest advice and suggestions, and I promise to always keep their best interests in mind. Part of that is finding brands and products that I truly believe in, and sharing them with my readers. No company can buy my recommendation, but they can become reliable partners if their vision, quality, and culture blend well with mine! Here are some of the ways we can partner.






– Brand Ambassadorship –

Who doesn’t love a long-term relationship? A brand ambassador partnership could take the form of product placements in my videos, features in my blogs, social media support, and so much more. As long as it remains authentic, we could be looking at a beautiful future together. 

– Recipe Development –

Cooking is what I do best. It’s hard to find a day that goes by without feeling the need to whip up something new and exciting. Are you looking to refresh your product’s tired old recipe line-up? Let’s discuss (and taste) the potential for custom recipes.

– Food Styling –

From high-end video productions to independent restaurant photo shoots, I know how to make food look good. Before you even consider “just touching it up in Photoshop”, give me a call. Together, we can bring out the true beauty in your dishes, so your customers can nearly smell how delicious it is through the screen.

– Freelance Writing & Editorials –

Next to cooking and entertaining, writing is one of my greatest passions. I’m always open to opportunities where I can help the brands I love create editorials, guest posts, or any other type of content.

– Event Production –

Don’t let your event stress you out. Whether you’re planning an event as intimate as dinner for five or as prestigious as the Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival for 4,000, I’m your one-stop resource. From menu planning and cooking through logistical coordination and emceeing, The Table Together has you covered.

– Product Reviews –

My readers love to hear about new products, and I’m excited to introduce them to the best of the best. If your product is related to food, cooking, or entertaining and you think it would be a good fit with my readers, I’d love to hear from you.

– Consulting –

Looking to update your cookware? Let’s go shopping together! Trying to organize your kitchen for improved efficiency and flow? I can help! Don’t know where to start with planning your upcoming party? Well you get the point. In this busy world, we hire professionals for so many different things … why should your kitchen and entertainment needs be any different? Present me with a challenge, and I’ll deliver the solution.