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Batido is a Cuban milkshake (or what we would call a smoothie since there is no ice cream) commonly made with fresh bananas, pineapple juice and milk but can also include fresh mango, pineapple or even papaya! It isn’t as sweet as your typical summertime milkshake and is much healthier as there is no ice cream! Whatever your fruit of preference may be, Batido is a true winner in my book!

Yield: 2 servings

Oven: N/A

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: N/A

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1 cup milk, whole or low-fat

2/3 cup pineapple juice, no sugar added if possible

2 bananas, peeled

2 cups ice


1.     In a blender, add milk, pineapple juice, bananas, and ice. Blend until smooth adjusting consistency as desired.

2.     Divide among two serving glasses and serve while cold!


Kitchen Note: For additional sweetness, add 1 teaspoon of honey or agave.