Let's set the table together.

Inspiring moments and memories shared around The Table Together.

Enhancing life’s everyday moments with great food and simply elegant entertaining.

Nicole Renard

Nicole Renard


Let's set The Table Together.

Be the inspiration for genuine connection. With elegant yet simple recipes and entertaining tips, The Table Together shows you how to create unforgettable moments with your family and friends with ease and grace.


The table is the heart of your home, and by opening your heart to your friends and family, you become the key ingredient for spreading the joy in life’s everyday moments. Whether your table is in your dining room or on a blanket in the park, my goal is to inspire confidence in your ability to create delicious home-cooked meals and bring them to your table with touches of simple elegance. After all, the recipe for unforgettable memories includes the perfect mix of entertaining artistry, amazing food, and your favorite people. Isn’t it time you set your table and invited your loved ones to gather around?


When it comes to cooking and entertaining, I strive for flawless execution with minimal effort and maximum appeal.

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